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The outside of this cabin is painted black and has a skull and cross bones on the door. There is a dark fog around the cabin and it is kind of creepy. The trees are bare and there are shadows that look like monsters and other creatures of the dark.

The inside is the same. It is very dark and all the beds and couches are black or dark gray. There is a door which leads to the soul summoning room.



Lysander Sherman





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • These children can shadow travel from place to place
  • They can summon, control, release, and banish souls
  • They can sense the death of any person they once knew well
  • They can sense immortals fading
  • Some kids have the rare ability to see how and when somebody is going to die.

Fatal FlawEdit

The fatal flaw of the children of Thanatos is their negative look on life. They are actually excited to go the Underworld because they know that they will get to live with their father.