Hecate Cabin

The outside of the Hecate cabin is made of stones with magical writing on them. If one of the stone's are dropped then either it will explode killing everyone near it or it will turn everyone within a half-a-mile radius into a tree.

The inside is lighted by glowing crystals that are floating around. There is a table in the center with a starry center piece. There are four cushions around it to sit at. The bunk beds are on the sides with spells books and potion ingredients in the back.


Counselor: Lou EllenEdit


Pets: Ravens, Polecats, Dogs, Cats.  Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • They can do basic magic
    • Protection Spells
    • Levitation Spells
    • Healing Spells
    • They can create their own spells
    • They can make potions
    • they can create heat or cold
    • They can use a crossroad spell
    • Transformation Spells
    • Magical Bombs
  • They can see 360 degrees
  • They can talk to ravens,polecats, dogs, and cats
  • Children of Hecate can also summon these animals
  • They can enchant items
  • They can cast hexes, jinx's, and curses
  • They can enchant brooms to fly
  • Summon demons at any crossroads
  • Communicate with the dead
  • They can literally take someones nose
  • Using the Mist: Creating Illusions

Fatal FlawEdit

The fatal flaw of Hecate children is their overconfidence in magic. They believe that magic can do anything and it cannot be beat.