Demeter's CAbin

The Demeter Cabin is very eco-friendly. There are rose bushes all around the cabin and the roof is growing real grass with a real tree on it. The grass used to not grow but a Hecate kid put a charm on it so the grass would grow. Now they have a pet goat that eats the grass.

The inside is also very earthy. The floor is made of dirt and grass and there are flowers growing along the walls. The beds and dressers are made of giant plants and the ceiling is overflowing with vines and fruit branches. The Demeter kids are the only ones allowed to pick the fruit because it was a gift from their mother.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • They can control plants and flowers with their mind
  • They can curse people to feel hunger pains
  • Most can turn objects into plants in back and some can turn people into plants
  • They can send dead heroes to Elysium


  • They are natural chef's

Fatal FlawEdit

They are naturally fussy and a bit annoying and fret over cereal and are always grumpy and angry during winter and fall